Anything is Possible with Assistive Technology!

Danielle WylieDanielle Wylie is the Atlantic Region’s newest Certified Assistive Technology Specialist! She recently completed the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program at California State University Northridge.

Danielle began her career at the Neil Squire Society in February 2012 as the Academic Coordinator. Shortly after, she moved into the role of Assistive Technology Coordinator. She worked closely with Charles Levasseur, the Atlantic Region’s other Certified Assistive Technology Specialist, who mentored her and passed along his obvious passion for all things techie.

As part of the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program, Danielle traveled to California and participated in two days of training. This experience was immensely rewarding for Danielle. Her instructors encouraged the use of technology in the classroom, which enabled people with a variety of abilities to engage in all aspects of the training. Coming from an education background, Danielle valued being part of an inclusive learning environment.

Danielle says the program was not designed to make her an expert in any one technology. After all, the world of technology is constantly changing. Although she was exposed to a wide array of programs and equipment, the real focus was on all things to consider when assessing assistive technology needs. Danielle points out that even though she might not have all the solutions right away, there probably is one out there; she just has to dig a little deeper. With this program under her belt, she feels more equipped than ever to do just that.  

Reflecting on the experience as a whole, Danielle says the biggest thing she has learned is “not to underestimate technology and not to underestimate people. There may be challenges, but anything is possible.”