AT HelpDesk Website Launch

AT Help Desk Logo

Today marks the launch of the Neil Squire Society’s  AT Help Desk website (new window). A Virtual Launch event was held this morning which provided an opportunity for guests to have their AT questions answered live by an AT Specialist based out of Halifax.

The AT HelpDesk was launched in 2010 by the Neil Squire Society, in collaboration with Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour in order to support New Brunswickers with AT questions. This service helps persons with disabilities access the most up-to-date AT information without having to do the work. The goal is to reduce the employment gap for persons with disabilities by providing easy access to vendor-neutral, current information about AT solutions for education and/or employment.

With the launch of the AT HelpDesk website, the AT HelpDesk services are expanded from taking calls, emails and text to a website with plans to provide more opportunities to learn, share, and collaborate around AT.

Please visit (new window) and follow the AT HelpDesk on Facebook (new window) and Twitter (new window).