LipSync Update: 85 Students Attended the Acadia University LipSync Buildathon

We had a wonderful time at the Acadia University LipSync Buildathon on February 1st. It was a day of teamwork and learning as scores of students came together to build 36 LipSyncs (opens in a new window).

Around 60 engineering students participated in building the LipSyncs. Of them, over 30 volunteered their time to help others build, including mentoring 25 Wolfville School students from Grades 7 and 8.

Group photo of the attendees of the Acadia University LipSync Buildathon

Above: What an amazing turnout!

Acadia University (opens in a new window)’s engineering department incorporated the LipSync Buildathon into their classes, using the device to teach students about soldering, 3D-printing, electrical components, and accessibility.

Students working on LipSync parts

Above: A team of students working on LipSync parts

Dwayne, who has quadriplegia, works at the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre (opens in a new window) as IT support. He spoke to the students about the importance of assistive technology. Dwayne is looking forward to using the LipSync and providing the device to residents who may find it useful.

A student focusing on soldering

Above: A student focusing on soldering

For more in-depth coverage of the Buildathon, check out this article from the Annapolis County Spectator (opens in a new window).

Check out this short video from Acadia University:

Kudos to these brilliant students who did such a great job grasping the technology and helping people who need it!