LipSync Update: Makers Making Change Regional Coordinator Openings

We are hiring! Our Makers Making Change (opens in a new window) initiative is looking for Regional Coordinators for our Prairie, Central, and Atlantic offices. The Regional Coordinators will work to integrate Makers Making Change into the culture of various makerspaces and hackspaces in their region.

Makers Making Change logoThe Regional Coordinators will be a key part of our new Social Innovation department. They will implement and promote the program regionally by coordinating events, acquiring local publicity, and developing relationships as well as crucial partnerships locally with potential project partners.

You’ll love this role if you are a maker who is actively involved in maker culture – someone who is passionate about creating in all aspects of life. You will have the opportunity to interact and work with diverse groups of people, including people with disabilities, engineers, designers, and occupational therapists.

Click here to read more about the openings. The deadline is November 30th, 2017.