Computer Comfort Volunteer Returns the Favour

“I wanted to help out and give back to the Neil Squire Society because they were very helpful to me” says Bruce, a Computer Comfort Volunteer.

Bruce, Computer Comfort VolunteerBruce has been volunteering in the Computer Comfort Program at the Neil Squire Society (new window) for almost a year now. Previous to that Bruce was a client in the Employ-Ability Program. Bruce was hit by a car while riding his bike and was left with a spinal cord injury (new window). After the accident, Bruce was referred to the Neil Squire Society through the St Paul’s Hospital Pain Management Program (new window). After participating in the Employ-Ability Program for four months, Bruce wanted to give back to the Neil Squire Society and began volunteering (new window) for the Computer Comfort Program.

Bruce has worked with computers for over 20 years; no wonder he fits in with everyone in the Computer Comfort Program!  Bruce has a lot of passion and care for his clients and tends to get frustrated when certain devices and applications, such as being able to scroll down on your webpage (new window) using your mouse (new window), becomes challenging for clients. He is determined to find ways to change the devices to help suit the client, as well as design a program that will help update these different devices. He encourages making learning fun, and hopes to use more games when teaching the client.

Since Bruce has been part of the Neil Squire Society he has become friends with his clients. He says “it’s very uplifting to see clients progress. It’s a reward to see the client doing well when they get past the road blocks. I like being part of it.”

The Neil Squire Society has given Bruce “a lot of hope”. “I went from needing help to helping”, states Bruce right before he leaves to go help his client, his friend.