Don’t let fear dictate your life

Pam's PicPam has been unemployed since she was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009. As a single mother of two, Pam needed to get back into the workforce but lacked the confidence to do so.

Pam was nervous because she hadn’t worked for several years and she doubted herself because of her disability. Pam discloses that the most prevalent challenge with her disability is her thinking and informational processing and not a physical disability. Therefore, she was reluctant to seek support as she felt that she did not deserve or qualify for services available in the community. However, she is thankful that she contacted the Neil Squire Society and enrolled in the Employ-Ability Program.

Pam was very apprehensive about doing interviews and she said the Employ-Ability Program helped her get her brain around working again, preparing her for interviews and refreshing her on job search techniques. The Employ-Ability Program was a good start for Pam and was an excellent and seamless transition into the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program.

Pam was terrified to make the initial contact to employers but the Working Together Program helped relieve that fear because the program staff provided employers with introductory information about Pam before the first interview. This made Pam feel more comfortable during the interview process because the employer was provided with background knowledge about who they were going to be interviewing. “The staff of the Working Together Program got to know my needs and matched me up with the perfect employer. Everyone has been supportive and encourages me to be successful” says Pam.

Pam’s goal was to obtain employment in the administration field and the Working Together Program helped her accomplish that goal. “The program helped get me out of the house and allowed me to contribute to my new place of employment and society in general” says Pam. Pam is building back her confidence and says that “this new employment opportunity is opening doors for me. I am meeting new people and the working environment is very supportive and encouraging. I’ve learned to focus on what you can do and not what you can’t.”

Pam would like to send out a message to others who may be in a similar situation, “do not let fear dictate your life. Embrace new challenges and opportunities!”