Evan finds hope and a new job with Working Together

Evan had spent a lot of time bouncing around from one temporary position to another. The process was making him frustrated, and he was feeling overwhelmed explaining to potential employers his accessibility needs. Despite a post-secondary diploma in Business Accounting, Evan just wasn’t finding anything that suited his needs.

20161124_132158The situation was beginning to look hopeless when a friend suggested that he visit the Neil Squire Society’s Prairie Regional Office in Regina, Saskatchewan. Evan did so, and immediately enrolled in the Working Together program.

Evan was born with spina bifida (new window) and uses a wheelchair. After he had received his diploma, he worked a couple of work terms as part of his education requirements.

Once he started working with a job developer, his opportunities began to open up. Evan constantly practiced his verbal and written communication skills when working with his job developer, through phone calls and emails. This helped him boost his self-confidence throughout the application process, and made him more optimistic in seeking employment.

Evan and his job developer continued to work to update his resume and cover letter to target his skills and qualifications to potential employers, while addressing various accommodations required for success. By the end of a few short months, Evan was employed by the Regina Housing Authority (new window) as a clerk.

“This is awesome. I have a professional resume and cover letter and I have learned to explain my accommodations more clearly,” exclaims Evan. “But best of all, I have a great new job and my future looks a whole lot brighter.

“The Working Together program is exactly what I needed to help me find a suitable employer.”