On the Road to Becoming an Electrician

Virtual Employ-Ability participant, David David is a recent graduate from the Virtual Employ-Ability Program. “I was surfing the internet, looking for ways to improve my life through education. Having had a lower back injury and an emotional/mental breakdown previously, I was intimidated by the idea of employment and schooling.”

David reviewed the Neil Squire Society website and later emailed the Virtual Employ-Ability Program Coordinator about registering. Natalie Ducey then contacted David and in David’s words “I was on the way to betterment in job skills”.

“As time went on, I really learned about myself, my skills, interests and passions,” says David. “The Society assisted in giving me the direction I needed to succeed in the academic and working world. I am going through school and plan to be a registered Electrician within the next four years. I have an action plan and schedule that is customized for me specifically! Thanks to the Neil Squire Society, I found the direction I could not find on my own and now I am settling in for a four year college diploma and eventual employment as an Electrician. I am confident now that I’ve got the guidance I need from Neil Squire Society. Thanks for your help and advocacy.”