October 19, 2016 A Wonderful Opportunity for Braeden and Melissa

With the help of the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program, the South Okanagan Women in Need Society (SOWINS) were able to grow their staff and get much needed work done that they wouldn’t have otherwise had the resources to do.


October 17, 2016 Coast Capital Savings Funding Connects Youth with Disabilities to Employment

Coast Capital Savings has been a long-time supporter of the Neil Squire Society, helping to fund our efforts to connect youth with disabilities to employment. We are happy to announce that this year Coast Capital has once again provided $7,500 in support of our Youth Working Together program.

the Trekker Breeze Talking GPS

October 12, 2016 A Better Way to Work

Being partially sighted and night blind, the commute home from work used to be a nightmare for Rod Tam. “Night travel used to be a very stressful adventure,” explains Rod. “Being night blind, I always have to guess what is in front of me and around me when I am walking in the dark.

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