About the Neil Squire Society

The Society is a leader and innovator in providing services for people with disabilities. The Rick Hansen Foundation (new window) has partnered with the Neil Squire Society for several years on innovative projects that have resulted in enhancing the quality of life for persons with physical disabilities.” – Rick Hansen (new window), President and CEO, Rick Hansen Foundation (new window)

For twenty-five years, you have worked to create a Canada where every person has the ability to make the most of their lives achieving goals both large and small. Through the use of technology, knowledge, and the support of the Neil Squire Society, more than 20,000 Canadians have overcome obstacles and enjoy independent, active lives.” – The Honourable Yonah Martin (new window), Senator

The work that your organization does is of great importance. By creating opportunities for individuals and helping them achieve their goals, overcome barriers and participate fully in our society, you improve the lives of many Canadians.” – The Honourable Diane Finley (new window), P.C., M.P.

The Neil Squire Society does a wonderful job of providing much needed technical skills and education to many of our members with disabilities who want work. As they learn programs needed for their careers, the quality of their lives improve and life long relationships are formed. I recommend their programs highly without reservation to those with physical disabilities who want to make an upward move in their lives and careers.” – Stephen Street, Program Coordinator, ConnecTra (new window)

It is a great comfort to know that the Neil Squire Society and passionate people like yourself are in the community to serve persons with disabilities to access and benefit from services and programs.” – Dora Teymory, Site Coordinator, BUILT Network

Neil Squire Society has always worked with our clients in a professional, thoughtful and flexible way. As a result of this partnership the clients that we serve have benefited by obtaining employment or by having further opportunities in participating in their communities. We support the work of the Neil Squire Society, and look forward to working with them in the future.” – Marie Dancsok, Vocational Services Coordinator, Mental Health Services, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (new window)

Several clients referred to Douglas College (new window) over the past several years are all successfully employed. The partnership between the Neil Squire Society and Douglas College (new window) has enabled individuals to succeed in employment, get off PWD status and exert their independence in the community and society as a whole.” – Bob Logelin, ASE Department Head, Douglas College (new window)

We were contact by a member of you staff who described what she believed to be an ideal candidate for our organization. She provided their resume and some background information. We interviewed the client and hired him. As you must appreciate, the hiring process can be a time consuming one and the result is not always the right candidate. It was very helpful to have the personal touch with support and advice regarding the individual. Your staff person matched the right candidate to the right job!” – Col Dave Blaney CD, CEO, Commissionaires

“On behalf of the Burnaby Hospice Society (new window), I would like to express our sincere gratitude for Neil Squire Society’s recent donation of a refurbished computer and printer. The Neil Squire Society does such an important and needed work in our community in empowering Canadians with physical disabilities to find worthwhile employment. Beyond this, your support and assistance of fellow community not-for-profits is truly tremendous and greatly appreciated.“– Diana Li, Executive Director, Burnaby Hospice Society (new window)

About the Working Together program (formerly known as Employ-Ability)

“Thank you for all that you’ve done, I’m so glad that I came to you when I did. I had no idea that there was a place called Neil Squire Society that helps people with disabilities. The whole team at Neil Squire is so  marvelous and caring. Thank you so much!” – Working Together participant

Sensibly, sincerely and confidently Chris [Wright, Program Manager] took my hand and helped me through the most devastating time of my life, helped me to learn to accept the challenge with confidence.” – Employ-Ability participant

I only wish a program such as this was available to me when I was choosing a career as a young man. I was simply amazed how the interest tests gave you a number of careers to choose from.” – Employ-Ability participant

“I was impressed with all the candidates I interviewed. The interviewees showed passion, ambition and motivation, most of them were clearly able to articulate their message. Within a few minutes of the interviews I forgot I was communicating with disabled workers, your hard work has paid off. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to meet these inspiring individuals.” – Employ-Ability mock interviewer

Light bulbs are finally coming on regarding what I should/would like to be doing with my life.” – Employ-Ability participant

The staff has been overwhelmingly helpful and positive! Thank you all for your support!” – Employ-Ability participant

I don’t have the words to express how wonderful this part [Wellness for Work component] of the program is. I have benefited from it greatly in terms of personal growth self confidence and self discovery.” – Employ-Ability participant

The staff support is absolutely perfect. The moderators are very knowledgeable and understanding. Should we need help they were always there to guide us in the proper direction.” – Employ-Ability participant

I enjoyed the wellness component the best because there is no other program out there that will teach me how to deal with others. I need to know myself and my triggers and how to handle stressful situations in the work environment so I don’t repeat the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. In general I think the whole program is relevant to people with disabilities.” – Employ-Ability participant

I like that they [instructors] have been very helpful and understanding during a time of stress. They have made it possible for me to see what and where I have made mistakes in my life so far and how I can change them. For me this is the first time I have stayed to work for myself and not quit.” – Employ-Ability participant

I really love the staff support. If it wasn’t for the staff and there understanding I probably would not be here. I really appreciate their advice and kindness.” – Employ-Ability participant

Thanks very much for a job well done.  I really enjoyed the practicum students. They joined our class at the perfect time i.e. during the start of the second week of the program. [They] were approachable well spoken, humorous and good facilitators. Emergency preparedness talk was eye opening.” – Employ-Ability participant

The work that you do is of great importance. By delivering the Employ-Ability program, you will help a lot of people with major physical disabilities who require specific adaptations to take part in an employment assistance program. That is why we are proud to support organizations like Neil Squire Society the through the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program (new window).” – Monte Solberg, P.C., M.P.

I went into this program wanting to find a job that was suitable for me with my barriers, not knowing that I was going to come out wanting more than just a job. I wasn’t aware of all the different tools and devices that were available for someone with barriers. Now that I know this, I have more confidence to sit at a computer for a longer period of time using these tools. I learned things about myself and what direction I want to go with all the assessments and conversations with people at the Neil Squire Society.” – Employ-Ability participant

Even when I achieve my goal of full-time employment, I know that the facilitators and staff at Neil Squire will always welcome me and maintain an interest in my professional and personal development. The Neil Squire Society is a place where each client is known by name, where personality outshines disability and where the daunting task of career development is made less overwhelming.”– Employ-Ability

About the Computer Comfort program

“Just wanted to say thanks again for arranging and putting together these CPUs for our GF Strong (new window) assistive tech resource centre. They are an excellent addition to the lab, the clients love using the computers for watching video, online shopping, and word processing. So awesome that you have included the office suite and Windows 10 on there too.” – Jason, Assistive Technologist, GF Strong Rehab Centre

If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t even know how to turn a computer on! You took me off the scared list.’”– Rochelle, Computer Comfort Participant

The Neil Squire Foundation [Society] has changed my life! The caring Computer Comfort staff helped me build my confidence and skills enough for me to be able to attend Computer Application classes at Vancouver Community College (new window) and volunteer at BCPA once a week.” – Computer Comfort Participant

The Society’s Computer Comfort helps persons disabilities learn computer skills at their own pace on a one on one basis. To many persons with disabilities, this program is the first step towards building self-confidence, pursuing further education and becoming a member of mainstream society. Neil Squire Society’s Computer Comfort has indeed been a life changing experience for persons with disabilities.” – Duane Geddes, Executive Director, Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation (new window)

I think it’s been very positive and challenging for me. Everyone (in the Computer Comfort classroom) has something different to offer, which is good because we’re all in one room and if one person doesn’t know the answer someone else will. It has been really good to learn in that environment.” – Lisa, Computer Comfort Participant

They have been so patient. They got me to try different things and increased my level of comfort with many different programs. They simplify everything, there is no point where you feel stupid. I can’t say enough about how they’ve treated me!”– Linda, Computer Comfort Participant

From Our Volunteers

“If someone is able to spare some time to volunteer, Neil Squire Society is the best one I can think of, especially if they are in the IT field. Neil Squire Society is the only organization dedicated to improving the social and economic lives of Canadians with physical disabilities by using computer based assistive technologies. With a spirit of giving back to our society, in the best possible way, I had an excellent time at the Neil Squire Society tutoring clients. It has been a win-win situation for all. It gives me pride when giving back to the community, integrating ourselves, and developing a sense of belonging.” – Anjali, Computer Comfort Volunteer

I’ve had an intuitive understanding of computers since a young age. I wished to use my abilities to help others understand and embrace computers and technology.”– Ellen, Computer Comfort Volunteer

“From the perspective of software development, tutoring clients with limited previous computer experience has underlined the need to strive for clean and simple interfaces when doing design. The last time I developed an application from scratch I did try to improve my knowledge with making forms and web pages accessible. (Volunteering) led me to a greater interest in accessible computing.”– Christina, Computer Comfort Volunteer

This volunteer placement directly affects my professional development.  Working with adults and disabilities will provide me a great background that will ultimately improve my teaching skills with my future students.  I have only been to my placement twice and I already feel a great pull towards it.  I am more secure in my career choice after my experience with the Neil Squire Society and its students.” – Literacy program Volunteer

This organization is essential to our community for the furthering of a learner’s personal development.  In adult age the concept of re-entering into an educational institution after a long sojourn from school can be daunting.  The Neil Squire Society has a great impact on our community as it offers people of all backgrounds the opportunity the better themselves professionally and personally.” – Literacy program Volunteer

The staff and volunteers at the Neil Squire Society are dedicated to making their clients feel comfortable and able.  The tutors are comfortable with the subject material and are aware of using different learning tools for the different learning styles.” – Literacy program Volunteer

The Neil Squire Society works really hard to empower people with disabilities. They put a lot of time and effort into other peoples’ success. This helps the people because they feel that they are being backed by someone.” – Literacy program Volunteer

Spending time at the Neil Squire Society offers me just about everything I hope to experience in a volunteering position. I am able to gain more experience tutoring and it’s awesome to be able to work with adults who live with learning disabilities. I believe that experience teaching people who have learning disabilities is one of the best things I can get at this moment in time.” – Literacy program Volunteer