We use technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with disabilities.

Principles behind the Mission

  • We are committed to social inclusion, economic equity, and a productive society that includes people with disabilities and gives them equal opportunity to contribute and participate.
  • We serve people with disabilities and their future employers, filling gaps in services and expertise until government and industry can directly pursue the benefits of a diverse society and workforce.
  • More than a service organization, we facilitate innovative technology solutions to improve productivity for people with disabilities.
  • We are client and participant driven.
  • We work for social and economic independence for people with disabilities.
  • People who are most marginalized by having a disability benefit from our work and remain our first priority.
  • We value diversity and we employ individuals that reflect the communities we serve including men and women of diverse ages, religions and persons with disabilities, sexual orientation and ethnic backgrounds. We also ensure diverse employees are included in learning and development opportunities.
  • Our innovative fund-raising strategies never involve exploitation of people with disabilities.
  • We respect every team member.
  • We value everyone’s contribution.
  • We achieve our goals through excellent planning and teamwork, ensuring that every individual effort is captured for the benefit of our clients and participants.
  • We value freedom and autonomy while upholding service, quality, and accountability.
  • We are aspiring to offer multi-level and multi-lingual programs.
  • We ensure effective and appropriate use of technology.


Economic and social inclusiveness for all people with disabilities.