Allison Learns About Museum Artefacts at Her Summer Job

November 21, 2019

Allison is a Grade 11 student with a diagnosis of Asperger’s (opens in a new window) and dyslexia (opens in a new window). She can be shy and sometimes stutters when she is nervous. She has difficulties with reading and writing but is strong with numbers, mental math, and recall. Her mother contacted Neil Squire’s Atlantic Regional Office to assist her with learning employment skills and becoming job-ready.

Working Together participant, AllisonIt was evident to Working Together staff that Allison is extremely bright. She has awareness and insight into her disability but seemed to struggle with confidence. Her employment experience was limited and her goal was to look for a position in a field involving history, nature, or working with animals.

Allison was able to identify many things that she liked about herself. She is proud of her intellect and values determination and hard work. She is interested in changing the world in a positive manner. Her long-term plan is to attend University, and her career assessments allowed her to consider a variety of possibilities.

Allison’s job developer was able to secure her a summer student placement the York Sunbury Historical Society (opens in a new window) and attended the interview with her. Allison was poised and answered the interview questions well, and she was hired in Artefact Collections.

The position was perfect for Allison considering her long-term educational plans. She learned how a museum runs, how to handle artefacts, and the administrative process of handling artefacts. Her writing skills continued to develop, as she had to write and compose information for each artefact.

Allison is now back at school finishing her final year of high school. We wish her long-term, continued success!