Angie Expands Her Horizons and Finds Success

Angie“Don’t give up. There is always something out there,” says Angie with an upbeat attitude.

When Angie graduated from high school in 1996, she had a hard time finding suitable employment. Angie has learning issues and requires repetition and practice to acquire new skills. She also has epilepsy (new window). As a result of this she sometimes tires easily and requires breaks at work.

After a few years, she enrolled in an employment program offered by Summer Street Industries (new window). She then worked in the Trophies and Awards Department at Summer Street Industries for a number of years, but was interested in trying something new and learning new skills.

Angie joined the Working Together program in November 2015, having heard of the Neil Squire Society from Summer Street Industries. At her first meeting, she explained that she is willing to work very hard and would prove to an employer that with proper training she would be an asset to the workplace.

She began attending weekly sessions at the Neil Squire Society that focused on Career and Personal Development, Labour Market Research and Job Search skills, and worked with the staff to update her resume.

Over the course of a few months, her confidence improved greatly. When an opportunity came up to meet with the owner of Atlantic 1801 (new window), a Web Development and IT Solutions company based in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Angie jumped at the chance. At the first meeting, the owner, Sean Bridge, explained that he was looking for someone he could rely on, someone who would arrive at work each day willing to learn new things and work as part of a team — Angie was a perfect match.

In no time at all, she has become a valuable member of the Atlantic 1801 team, learning new skills and interacting well with her coworkers.

“Angie has been a valuable key player to the growth and starting development of Atlantic 1801,” Sean explains.

Although Angie didn’t think she would be working in the IT sector, she is glad that she tried something new because she loves it.