Jeremy Preparing before his swim.My name is Jeremy Davidson, and I am doing something special for the Neil Squire Society, because they are doing something special for my Dad.

My Dad used to do mini-biathlons weekly. But when he was diagnosed with a severe form of arthritis in 2010, his life changed completely. He began relying on a cane to walk.

A few months ago, my Dad enrolled with an online program through Neil Squire Society called Employ-Ability. A part of the program focused on chronic pain management. Dad began to exercise and use meditation and other tools to get him out and about. Dad’s on the road to a healthier lifestyle of increased simple exercise and less medication. It’s really nice to see pops out and about again with a smile on his face and an attitude of focus and promise. To our family, it is something special.

To help celebrate the Neil Squire Society’s 30th Anniversary, I wanted to do something special back.

I have decided to swim from New Brunswick, across to Prince Edward Island and BACK – a full lap of 30 kms I’m calling the “Bigger Swim.” I am dedicating this swim August 23rd to raising both funds and awareness of the Neil Squire Society and what they have done for my Dad.jeremy preswim team plan

I hope that people will come to realize the great work that the people at Neil Squire Society are doing for people like my dad, and the incredible changes they create in peoples’ lives.

You can keep up to date with my progress on my Bigger Swim on my facebook page (new window).

You can make a donation by clicking here.

About Jeremy:

Jeremy “The Northumberland Man” Davidson (new window) is currently serving with the Canadian Armed Forces in Gagetown, New Brunswick. On his time away from the base, he is an amateur long-distance swimmer and a member of the CFB Gagetown Warriors Triathlon Team. He is married to his wife Sherise with two pre-school aged boys with a third on the way.

Jeremy is sponsored by J. Knight, Capt. Hanson & Crew, Ecological Adventures (new window) for the Kayak and superb gear and to Aqua Sphere (new window) and Xterra Wetsuits (new window) for swimming gear. Jeremy’s Medic/Kayaker for the day is Joshua Leskie.