Radio Transcript: CJME Radio Interview with Nikki Langdon – March 21st

March 21, 2016

Dave: Nikki Langdon in the studio with me from the Neil Squire Society. She is the Prairie Regional Manager. It’s so good to chat with you every time Nikki because you always have these amazing stories and these amazing opportunities. And we’re talking a bit about the opportunities this time around for employers. Nikki: Yes, […]

CJME Radio Interview with Nikki Langdon – March 26th, Segment 1

March 21, 2016

Dave: Hi, and welcome to Talk to the Experts. I’m Dave Arnold. I’m actually really pumped about today’s show. It’s some really fascinating ground we’re going to be covering and again, a very special guest. I love to have her in the studio whenever she comes in, Nikki Langdon, the Prairie Regional Manager for the […]

Radio Transcript: Don’t-dis-my-ability Interview with Kristine Johnston

January 13, 2016

Shawn: Hello everyone, thanks for joining me this week. I’m Shawn Smith, host of Don’t-dis-my-ability on Joy FM. This week our guest is Kristine Johnson from the Neil Squire Society. How are you doing Kristine? Kristine: I’m very well, thank you, how are you? Shawn: Thank you a lot for joining me and I appreciate […]