Prairie Regional Office

Our Prairie Regional Office is located in Regina, Saskatchewan. If your inquiry is related to the services offered in this area, please contact the Prairie Regional Office.

1353 Broad Street, Regina

Prairie Regional Office

1353 Broad Street
Regina, SK  S4R 7V1

T 306 781 6023
F 306 522 9474
Toll Free 1 844 860 6023

Nikki, Langdon, Regional Manager

*If you require help accessing the Neil Squire Society office please call 306 781 6023 or 306 569 3111 between the hours of 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. There is a ramp at the rear of the building and a doorbell beside the elevator to alert us!

For general inquiries about the Neil Squire Society please direct your request to our Head Office.

Most of our services are available online. This allows us to provide most of our programs to individuals who are unable to come into our offices. Please contact your regional office or visit our online learning program page to find out which programs are available to you.

Prairie Region Office Locations

Calgary, Alberta

Winnipeg, Manitoba