Daniel Finds Independence through Employment

November 6, 2019

Daniel has an educational background and extensive work experience in communications. He was on the lookout for “some type of meaningful work, something related to my career and education and to be making a decent salary.” This brought him to Neil Squire‘s Working Together Program.

“I live with a mild form of cerebral palsy (opens in a new window),” says Daniel. “I walk with a slight limp on my left side. My finger dexterity isn’t the greatest when typing and sometimes my thoughts in my head are coming out faster than I can type.”

Working Together participant, DanielImmediately before Working Together, Daniel was working part-time as an English Language Teacher in Brazil for about nine months. His communication skills are definitely his standout strength.

With the help of Working Together, Daniel landed a position as a Development Officer at the Disability Foundation (opens in a new window). The Disability Foundation is a partner organization of Neil Squire through the BC Spinal Cord Injury Network, along with Spinal Cord Injury BC, BC Wheelchair Sports, and BC Wheelchair Basketball.

In his new role, Daniel writes grants, develops corporate relationships, and carries out fundraising activities. He supports other staff in implementing efforts to grow the Foundation’s individual donor base.

In terms of accommodations, Daniel was able to get a double monitor installed to help him see the screen and focus better.

Daniel says Working Together “has allowed me to have the independence I need through being employed and to use my skills to help a cause I care about. [I hope to] continue to grow my skills each and every day through learning something new either from my workplace environment or through professional development workshops and courses. I look to continue to better myself each and every day.”

He adds, “I would like to thank the Working Together Program for their continued support and belief in me to achieve what I am capable of.”