David has finished his time with Katimavik, but not with the Neil Squire Society

The Neil Squire Society’s (new window) Burnaby office says goodbye to another Katimavik volunteer, but this volunteer will be saying hello to the Neil Squire Society’s Ontario office.

David Katimavik VolunteerDavid, from Ottawa (new window) Ontario, didn’t know what he was getting into when he decided to join the Katimavik program (new window). “I did some quick research, and then, poof!” says David. “I wanted to get out there, gain some experience and expand my horizons. I liked the idea of jumping on a plane.” Once he arrived in British Columbia (new window), David started his volunteer experience at Burnaby’s ReStore (new window). He worked there for a month until the opportunity came where David could work at the Neil Squire Society. “The placement at the Neil Squire Society was better for me and allowed me to focus on my career goals.”

The Katimavik program provides youth with the opportunity to build independence, gain work experience, and discover their career goals. David hopes to build a career in Social Work (new window) and IT (new window), so the Neil Squire Society was the perfect placement for him. “I love it here,” “the clients, the staff, the whole organization,” says David. “I learned a lot of technical skills, like how to take apart a computer, and put it back together again.” Computer refurbishing complimented David’s IT interest, while volunteering with clients through Distance Computer Comfort, increased his interest in working with people. “I enjoy working with people. It encourages me to evolve to meet their needs.” “The people make it really fun to work here. This place is a vacation away from my house. Some house mates dread going to work, I couldn’t wait!”

David has finished his time with Katimavik, but not with the Neil Squire Society. Once David is back home in Ottawa he will be volunteering once a week at the Neil Squire Society’s Ontario office, and will be continuing his work as an on-line tutor for the Distance Computer Comfort Program.

Thank you for your help David and good luck with your future!

Have a look at David’s video (new window) made about his time spent at the Neil Squire Society.