A Fruitful Result for Jasmin

Jasmin, or Jazz as her colleagues affectionately call her, is a highly motivated woman with a spunky personality to match. She has hearing loss in both ears, which is corrected with hearing aids. She also has an intellectual disability (opens in a new window).

For many years, Jasmin was part of an organization that provided her with valuable work experience and practical skill development. It also gave her a deep sense of belonging. However, Jasmin was ready for a new challenge. She wanted to grow and develop new skills.

Jasmin connected with the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program when an opportunity arose with Saint John’s number one ranked restaurant, Vegolution (opens in a new window). The Working Together Program helps people with disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve their employment goals.

Working Together participant, Jasmin, at her new jobVegolution’s owner saw a spark in Jasmin. She could see Jasmin’s potential and was excited at the prospect of bringing her on to the team. As Saint John’s only vegetarian restaurant, Vegolution is not only breaking new ground in the food industry, it is emerging as a leader among other businesses on the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities.

Jasmin merged seamlessly into the Vegolution family. As a kitchen helper among the small, close-knit staff, she has had a hand in virtually every aspect of the restaurant’s operations, from food preparation to clean-up. Her favorite task, by far, is creating the flower arrangements for the tables, which are integral to the restaurant’s inviting charm.

Jasmin’s strong listening skills and keen eye for detail have been recognized by the employer as valuable assets to the business. She has also been learning new things, from how to make avocado chocolate pudding to improving her knife skills. It is safe to say that with her ambition, this is only the beginning for Jasmin.

Through the Working Together Program, the Neil Squire Society is proud to be part of this experience with an employee who feels valued and supported and an employer who sees past the concept of ‘disability’ to potential.