“I Feel More Confident to Apply For a Job”

August 11, 2021

Marie was applying for jobs, but she didn’t have the right equipment.

“I did not have a laptop. I was using my phone, and it was very difficult to write resumes,” she says.

Marie lives with a back problem, frequent injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

She read about Neil Squire’s Digital Jumpstart program on Facebook. Thinking it could help her get back to work, she decided to reach out.

Woman wearing red, seated at a desk, typing on a laptopMarie received a laptop, as well as an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. She is waiting for a laptop riser to arrive. Along with equipment, she also received training.

“Gordon was a very good instructor. He was very knowledgeable about programs and he managed to answer all my questions during his classes. I’m really really grateful that I went through this refresher class.

“We were doing word processing, Excel (opens in a new window), and PowerPoint (opens in a new window). It helped me remember some things I have done in the past, but which I have forgotten. He also showed me some new things, like PowerPoint. It was really helpful.”

Although Marie prefers face-to-face methods of teaching, she found the setup of the online lessons convenient.

“I’m a person who usually learns by doing something, rather than listening,” she explains. “[But] I was actually surprised how good it was. I really liked it – from the comfort of your home, you can just get on a computer and have a class.”

When it got difficult for Marie to focus, they worked out a solution and shortened the lessons, which was helpful for her.

“I feel more confident to apply for a job now, and saying that I actually know how to use a program,” she says. “Some of these programs I had actually worked on before – like Excel. But if people would ask me if I know Excel, I would say, ‘I’m not sure.’ I wasn’t even aware that I was working with this program! So this refresher course helped me realize how much I know and made me more comfortable to go for an interview and apply for a job.”

All the best, Marie!

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