“I Know I Can Secure a Great Position After School Using the Skills I’ve Gained”

September 22, 2022

Michelle had been out of school for a long time when she decided to return to achieve her Grade 12 diploma. Manitoba Possible encouraged Michelle to reach out to Neil Squire to learn about the Digital Jumpstart program. Michelle thought the program would be a great “stepping stone” to get prepared for school and provide support for managing her physical disability and chronic pain at school and work.

a person writing into a notebook with a cup of coffee, another notebook, and a phone to the sideIn 2020, Michelle fractured her right pinkie, requiring pins and surgery that was delayed by the pandemic. While dealing with her injury, doctors discovered a tumour in her finger, which turned out to be benign. However, Michelle sustained nerve damage to her right hand that extends up her arm and causes eye pressure, and because of her injury, she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Since participating in the Digital Jumpstart program, Michelle says she developed confidence, and she realized that she could achieve any goal she wants to. She noted that the training she received was thorough and she was never embarrassed to ask questions.

Michelle learned the ins and outs of navigating a laptop, such as performing basic computer maintenance, and how to make changes to Accessibility settings. She was especially appreciative of learning how to combine all her email accounts into the Outlook email system so she can stay on top of her communications.

Michelle graduated as a Mature Student receiving her Grade 12 diploma earlier this year, and she is currently enrolled in a Business Administration program, while she plans to continue working to maintain enough hours to support her education goals.

“[Digital Jumpstart] gave me confidence in my learning, and taught me that I am capable of learning,” she says. “Even with everything I’ve been through with pain medication, I know I can secure a great position after school using the skills I’ve gained.”