“I Learned to Take Pride in Myself”

July 21, 2021

“When I first joined the [Working Together] program, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do – I just knew I wanted a job,” says Luke. “I have ADHD (opens in a new window), which causes me to lose focus some days. I may not get ready for work soon enough because I have been late for work occasionally.”

Luke’s Career Facilitator worked with him via Zoom (opens in a new window) during the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed several topics to help him with employability. He felt he needed help with time management in particular. With his Career Facilitator, he developed time management strategies including a daily routine. He also wanted to know how to speak with employers about his disability.

Luke at work. He is leaning against the wall, with cleaning equipment next to himLuke was soon invited to an interview for a part-time position at Summer Street Industries (opens in a new window).

Luke is a reserved person, but his preparation and practice with Working Together helped him feel more confident during the interview. He successfully landed a cleaning position at Summer Street Industries.

The Working Together program provided Summer Street with a wage subsidy to assist with Luke’s training. The wage subsidy allowed Summer Street to provide additional hands-on, one-on-one, small group, and shadow training to ensure Luke’s long-term success.

Eventually, he became more confident with his work and started completing his duties independently. He stood out as a reliable and self-motivated employee.

The facility maintenance support says, “Luke is a motivated person with a desire to learn. Over the past months I have seen the positive changes in his self esteem, ability to take on new tasks with confidence and him grow overall as a reliable employee.”

Due to his stellar work performance, Summer Street offered Luke a position as a production contract worker at a large local manufacturer. He currently works both roles for Summer Street, a cleaner and a production worker, and he loves them both.

The experience of feeling valued as an employee has encouraged Luke to look ahead and set other goals for himself.

“I have made new friends, found a girlfriend. I have learned so much and have more confidence in myself. I learned to take pride in myself and to get to work on time! In my future I would like to get married, get my driver’s licence and travel someday. I hope other people like me find this program. It helped me so much, I feel pretty lucky!”