Hearing Solutions

Hearing Solutions to meet your individual needs.

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Dedicated to the prevention and treatment of hearing loss, we are a fully equipped hearing health centre offering compassionate and client centered service in the Greater Vancouver area.

Our hearing services include

  • A recommendation by our audiologist that is appropriate for your hearing status, lifestyle, and budget
  • Programming and real ear verification to ensure that the hearing aid is meeting prescriptive targets based on your unique ear shape and hearing loss
  • Counselling on the adjustment period associated with hearing aids
  • Helping you to develop communication strategies relevant to your everyday listening environments
  • Hearing aid orientation including instruction on the daily maintenance and care of your hearing aids
  • Instruction on the different functions of your hearing aids and how to use them effectively
  • Instruction related to hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices

Who We Serve

We welcome anyone with hearing-related concerns. Our services are provided to individuals in the Greater Vancouver area. Our services are offered on a fee-for-service basis.

More Information

Please contact us via telephone at 778-945-1215, via email at hearingsolutions@neilsquire.ca, or visit our Solutions website for more information: www.neilsquiresolutions.ca(new window).