Jesse Leads the Way

January 8, 2020

Service providers and community employers came together to help Jesse land his first paid job. He is the first person from Bridge Adult Service Centre (opens in a new window) to obtain a minimum wage position in the community, leading the way for many others.

Located in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Bridge Adult Service Centre’s Community Employment Program has done significant work in matching individuals to volunteer placements. As a result, clients such as Jesse have had the opportunity to gain experience and make connections with community employers. The Centre contacted Neil Squire with the intent to help Jesse obtain paid employment.

At Neil Squire’s Working Together Program, Jesse identified his learning style as an employment barrier. He has struggled in the past with verbal direction. Through experience, Jesse now recognizes he is a visual learner requiring clear directions to complete tasks. He has become confident in disclosing his learning style and knows what he needs to complete work responsibilities successfully.

Working Together participant JesseMoore Automotive and Recreation Store (opens in a new window) (aka M.A.R.S) was Jesse’s first choice of places to work. He had previously volunteered here through the Bridge Community Employment Program, so he knew the owners and employees and felt comfortable within the work environment.

When Neil Squire introduced the Working Together Program to M.A.R.S, there was no hesitation from the business in hiring Jesse as a part-time shop hand. Jesse, in turn, welcomed the new responsibilities.

Jesse says, “I always liked it, but feel more part of the team now, doing different things. It is a lot different; I like the job duties. Now I can save money for very important things like trips, camping or stuff for my apartment. Everyone there has a good sense of humor and is nice – it is great there.”

“Right from the beginning, we realized Jesse was a pretty awesome guy,” says Shelly Scott of M.A.R.S. “His work ethic and loyalty is over and beyond. Jesse is always on time, works hard and will always meet you with a smile. He brightens up the whole place and can be quite witty and has an amazing sense of humor. He is willing to learn new things and just gets the work done. We truly believe Jesse is one of our most valued employees and we are very pleased we decided to hire him.”