LipSync Update: Meet the Makers Making Change Project Manager

We are pleased to introduce Zee Kesler, our Makers Making Change (opens in a new window) Project Manager. Zee calls herself a Maker Educator. She has been an active participant in maker educator spaces since the first Vancouver Mini Maker Faire in 2011.

Zee Kesler, Makers Making Change Project Manager

Zee recently found out that she has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (opens in a new window). She decided to get involved with Makers Making Change as a way to get more comfortable with having a disability, but also because she loves “maker culture, crowd-sourcing ideas, creating community, and being involved in innovative social programming.”

Zee inspecting the LipSync's main interface board

Zee at the Bell LipSync Buildathon in October 2017

Zee has co-founded/founded two mobile classrooms: the MakerMobile, which is a mobile hackspace, and the Magic Trout Imaginarium (opens in a new window), which is a mobile classroom in a tiny house.

Zee has been with us since September 2017, but it’s still a good time to say we are thrilled to have her on board!