LipSync Update: The SCI Forum

This Saturday, we’ll be at the SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) Forum (new window), where the focus will be on SCI life hacks. It’s an event where we’re not only going to pass on our knowledge, but do some learning of our own.

SCI Forum Poster

A poster for the 2017 SCI Forum, which this year is appropriated entitled, “How We Do Stuff.”

Our engineer Charles will be co-presenting “Makers: Create Your Own Design” with Kevin Priebe, who was one of our Access Makeathon team captains. Kevin will focus largely on 3D design, while Charles will focus on 3D printing, two processes that go together hand-in-hand. Their presentation is tentatively slotted for 1:30-2:15 in the Lecture Hall.

As we said, however, this event is about more than just presenting. We’ll have a booth demonstrating the LipSync, the Makers Making Change initiative, and a whole a bunch of other open source made solutions. But what we’re really looking forward to is checking out the many booths that will be there, showing different solutions and life hacks for people with SCI. The idea of this event is to share these ideas so that they live beyond just this one-day event, and that they can serve to help a wide range of people.

Saturday also happens to be Hackaday’s World Create Day, which celebrates this kind of social making. We’ll be submitting SCI hacks as entries.

For those interested in attending the SCI Forum, it’s this Saturday (April 22nd) from 10:30 am to 4 pm at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre (new window) (818 W 10 Ave, Vancouver, BC). To RSVP, or to get more info, email

PS This coming Tuesday we’ll be hosting a LipSync Buildathon at Burnaby South Secondary School (new window). It will be a great opportunity to not only engage with student makers, but to get some LipSyncs out the door to users in need, as we work towards our goal of 150 delivered.