Makers Making Change Update: A Better LipSync Joystick Jig

One of the most challenging and error-prone steps in building the LipSync (new window) has been assembling the force-sensing resistors (new window) (FSRs). The delicate FSRs can be easily damaged by people who have never worked with them before.

The most common problem during Makers Making Change (new window) build events was kinked or overheated FSRs. Multiply that by four FSRs for each LipSync and it doesn’t look great, especially since it’s the most expensive component.

True story: Jake, now our Mechanical Engineer, accidentally destroyed two FSRs when he was volunteering during our first Buildathon.

The old and new jig next to each other

The old joystick jig in white (left) and the new one in black (right)

Enter the new joystick jig (new window), which helps makers install each FSR correctly onto the board. The notched slot holds each FSR in place as you solder and ensures correct alignment.

Since we debuted this design, the number of damaged FSRs has reduced dramatically – also reducing the frustration associated with it. This means we can speed up our build time, so it’s a win-win all around.

The colour-changing jig, currently purple

Justin, a local maker from Hedgehog Technologies, made this cool colour-changing version of the joystick jig

This is a testament to how 3D printing tools can make work more efficient. It’s relatively quick and easy to improve upon your design and make more effective solutions.