LipSync Update: FLipmouse Swap

November 24, 2016

This week we did a bit of a swap of ideas.

Lorraine and Charles trying out the FLipmouse

Neil Squire Society client Lorraine helped us check out the FLipMouse, an open source Assistive Technology project similar to the LipSync.

We got to try out the FLipMouse (new window), an open source Assistive Technology project similar to our LipSync, developed by the AsTeRICS Academy (new window) project of the University of Applied Sciences, Technikum Wien (new window)in Vienna, Austria. With both projects achieving similar goals, we wanted to share ideas and see what we can learn from each other. This is one of the many benefits of working in open-source — it enables sharing of ideas, even if people are on the other side of the globe.

And instead of competing, we’re helping each other out.

The FLipMouse serves to replace the traditional mouse for people who have motor disabilities, and requires minimal movement from the fingers or lips (the name FLipMouse refers to the choice of fingers or lips) and has sip and puff (new window) compatibility. Similar to ours, the device is meant to be much cheaper than available medical mouses and is being designed to be able to be produced by makers.

Like us, their device has challenges working with Apple products. Their device comes with switch- and “voiceover” integration, that with Bluetooth can be used on Apple products. It gives us something to think about.