LipSync Update: We Fixed 67 LipSyncs

December 7, 2017

On Monday, December 4th, we were at Vancouver Hack Space (opens in a new window) to repair a few LipSyncs. “A few” turned out to be 67: that’s how many LipSyncs are up and running now with the help of some fantastic Makers, all in 10 hours.

The completed LipSyncs are on their way to people who need them. A big thank you to everyone who came out to troubleshoot with us!

Makers working on LipSync parts

Above: Makers putting their skills to good use. (Background, left) Luke, a Director at Vancouver Hack Space; (background, right) Marcello, a TELUS team member who also attended a previous buildathon; (foreground, left) Martin, an electrical engineer; (foreground, right) Charles, Mechanical Engineer at the Neil Squire Society

Luke working on a LipSync
Above: Luke working on LipSync parts

This post originally appeared on the Makers Making Change (new window) website.