Neil Squire Works With Regina Public Library to Increase Accessibility

May 13, 2024

Mark Black, Nikki Langdon, and Patti-Lynne McLeod standing at a table.

On May 3rd, Prairie Regional Manager Nikki Langdon took part in a group panel presenting on the findings on Accessibility in the Regina Public Library (new window) system at the Saskatchewan Library Association annual conference, along with Regina Public Library (new window) branch manager Mark Black and Outreach Services Librarian Patti-Lynne McLeod.

Neil Squire were hired as consultants on this project and led several focus groups, gathering information from many stakeholders, library patrons, and non-library users, to inform gaps in accessibility and next steps to enhance accessibility in the Regina Public Library system. Mark and Patti-Lynne led the study for Regina Public Library.

We reported our findings at the conference in hopes that other library systems across Saskatchewan take up the accessibility banner.