Web Accessibility

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Why web accessibility?

  • Web accessibility is about customer engagement. Making sure your web site reaches and engages with all visitors. It is about encouraging successful commerce.
  • It’s about making your web site useable and accessible for all audiences. At a technical level it’s about interoperability and designing so that your content takes all the levels of abilities of your customers into consideration.
  • It’s about reducing abandonment, to engage and enable everyone to complete transactions on your web site. It’s about delivering a positive brand message to persons who do not interact with your site the same way you do.
  • It’s also about making your web site more competitive worldwide, as accessibility is a necessity in many countries

What kind of services does Neil Squire Access provide?

Neil Squire Access provides:

  • Education – introductory seminars on:
    • better customer engagement,
    • preparing your organization to implement a successful accessibility strategy
  • strategic planning consulting – developing a strategic accessibility road map for the organization
  • auditing – find out how accessibility and effective your website is
  • remediation – implementing solutions or working with your programmers to resolve accessibility deficits
  • custom visualization solutions – creating accessible dashboards for graphic content.