Project Overview

For the adult literacy student, SARAW‘s focus on simplicity of presentation and its keyboard centric approach to input minimizes the necessity for the student to deal with the issues of learning to operate the computer. This allows the student and instructor to focus more time on the literacy building activities.

SARAW has unique features built into the software to facilitate the use of the program with assistive technology. For those adults unable to operate a standard keyboard, special adaptive equipment allows them to operate the computer, even if they are only able to control a single body movement, such as turning their head side to side. For these learners, SARAW is not simply another teaching tool, it is the only way for them to actively participate in a literacy classroom.

Primary Contact

Harry Lew

Financial Support

National Literacy Secretariat


  • effective teaching software for adult literacy, suitable for grades 2-7 level
  • major components include reading, writing and vocabulary building activities
  • immediate personalized audio feedback for students to identify mistakes
  • designed for adult students with engaging activities
  • free lesson planning guide
  • free pre-packaged vocabulary building activities and free teaching guide with pre-determined activities
  • on-line resource material
  • easily customized by the instructor to continually challenge the student
  • Windows (TM) compatible