Rivet Reading App

July 30, 2020

two children looking at an iPad in a librarySince the recent COVID-19 epidemic, educators, parents, and students have been forced to re-examine at-home learning. And while it’s still too early to say for sure, it looks like in a lot of locations around the world, at-home learning is going to account for at least half of a student’s education, at least for the short term. With that in mind, our upcoming e-bulletins will put extra emphasis on learning strategies that can be used at-home.

Today’s e-bulletin is going to focus on an at-home learning app that deals with a very “at home” friendly practice: Reading. The Rivet Reading app is a free reading app designed for children between 6 and 12, with 3,500+ books available. What makes this app unique is that it offers reading supports on every page, so if a student gets stuck on a word, they only need to tap on the word to have it read aloud. This allows learners to feel like they are learning independently, and it means that they will be less reliant on a parent or other adults when reading.

The interface is easy to use and kid-friendly, and reading progress is automatically tracked through individual accounts that can be accessed via Android, iOS, Amazon, and online. To further encourage progress, badges and rewards are given to learners as they progress along through the app. By gamifying the learning experience, Rivet Reading makes reading and learning fun, and it gives learners concrete milestones to share with parents and teachers. Books can be selected by language and level, so parents and teachers can be sure that learners are on the right track. Books can also be searched via subject matter or searched directly.

Currently, Rivet Reading supports learning in English, Polish, Spanish, and German. To learn more about the Rivet Reading app, or to trial the limited web app, click here(new window).

his post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk(new window) website.