Adam Nails the Interview

Adam has social anxiety (new window) which has, at times, held him back from pursuing his true potential. He had not worked since 2007.

With his very limited work experience, he was having difficulty creating his resume. He worked closely with his Working Together Career Facilitator at the Neil Squire Society to create a resume that truly reflected his skills, abilities, and individuality.

Armed with this new resume, his Job Developer reached out to an employer contact at a local car parts distribution centre to secure an interview for him.

The prospect of an interview was quite anxiety inducing for Adam. He met with his Job Developer, who went over interview skills with him and prepared diligently for his interview. The night before his interview, Adam was so nervous, he felt physically ill.

However, with the skills he learned, he overcame his fears, attended the interview, and secured the job.

Even better, he received amazing feedback from the employer. The employer stated afterwards that Adam interviewed well and that he could actually teach others a thing or two about interview skills. The employer went on to note that the client is an impressive young man, and he was very excited to bring him on.

Through this experience and all the positive feedback he received, Adam had not only gained a job, but also a newfound sense of confidence.