Brooke Gains Front-Line Customer Experience

22-year-old Brooke, who has a hearing impairment, has a passion for customer service. She contacted the Neil Squire Society (new window) while she was finishing her schooling at the University of Ottawa (new window) and working part-time as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Ottawa (new window). Brooke was actively looking for a job that involved either more public interaction or a teaching aspect that would help her develop skills related to her studies. Brooke was hopeful that the Neil Squire Society could help.

Brooke, Working Together ParticipantBrooke sat down with one of the Society’s job developers, and together, they were able to identify areas where the Working Together Program could help her find a new part-time job. Brooke wanted a role that afforded her more experience in front-line customer service. She had many marketable skills but needed help to translate these into a resume. Brooke worked with the job developer to tailor her resume with a customer focus. They also worked on identifying accommodations that Brooke may require on the job.

Shortly after coming to the Society, the job developer presented Brooke with a Barista opportunity at a local Second Cup (new window), a specialty coffee retailer with over 345 cafes across Canada. The position would afford Brooke the chance to gain the front-line customer experience she was seeking. Her interview went really well, and her personality won her a 25 hour a week position.

Brooke began her new job in May. Brooke is exceeding her manager’s expectations, and she has the potential to be a “top Barista” due to her focus, initiative and teamwork skills. “The best part of the position is being around people for most of the day,” says Brooke, who’s really enjoying her new job. Brooke has recently begun working full-time at the Second Cup and will be hired on after the Wage Subsidy program is complete at the end of March.

Congratulations Brooke!