“Having my computer was the only access to the outside world”

“My name is Sonja, I was in a car accident many years ago that left me paralyzed from the chest down, my wheel chair was the only way I was able to get outside and enjoy the area I live in. Nine years ago, I developed a pressure sore and was hospitalized of which I have yet to completely recover from as it has led to numerous infections, ongoing health issues that have left me bed bound ever since. Having my computer was the only access to the outside world, be it information, entertainment, emails, outreach to family and friends. 

My computer has been chugging along for awhile and my husband has done all that could be done for it … on its last leg. Not having access to all I knew outside the home was getting very depressing knowing that my computer could go at any time and then what? We can not afford a new computer! Just not in the cards. I did some research and was given information about a place that helps people in my position, so I contacted Neil Squire Society, told them my condition and a bit about my life also the certain loss of my computer, its demise was facing imminent disaster. After speaking with those involved, within a very short time they got me a computer that would last! It has brought some light back into my life knowing it was going to be okay, one less thing to worry about.

This computer is my life line and only source towards future schooling and employment once I’m fully recovered from some upcoming surgeries and treatments. I always believe in paying it forward and the need of independence, both of which has done for me by Neil Squire Society and all the staff.

Thank you so very much for all you did for myself as well as for others, Neil Squire Society truly cares and understands the importance of that connection to the outside world. I am thankful I was able to find them.

Forever grateful.
Sonja :)”

To learn more about our Computer Refurbishing program, please contact Munesh Raman.