Face the barriers and maintain a positive outlook

Lisa came to Neil Squire Society in Ottawa (new window), Ontario, (new window) having made the decision to return to work after an injury. Lisa had sustained an acquired brain injury during surgery on her knee. At the time she had a seven month old baby to care for. During her baby’s infancy, Lisa’s life was a struggle to maintain her household duties while coping with the loss of her original career aspirations and her self-estLisa and Employ-Ability Facilitator, Polly Beacheem.

Through networking, Lisa applied to work at the local Costco (new window). She reported being terrified by the prospect of an interview and unsure how to disclose her disability. Lisa had been going to the Step Up Work Centre, a program of the Ottawa Valley Brain Injury Association (new window). While there, Lisa received much needed peer support and the encouragement to get in touch with the Neil Squire Society’s Central Regional Office.

During the Employ-Ability Program, facilitator, Polly Beach, helped Lisa practice her job interviewing skills. Lisa described that she felt more prepared to talk about the accommodations she requires to be successful on the job. With some memory challenges, Lisa needs to take notes to remember certain tasks and to help her stay organized.

Lisa’s ability and determination to maintain a positive outlook on life, in the face of barriers, is one of her greatest strengths. Lisa was offered a job with Costco.

Polly continued to coach Lisa on how to cope with various procedures during the first few weeks on the job. Lisa used repetition and note taking to help remember tasks and her schedule.

Lisa was able to overcome her fears and anxieties and Lisa happily reported that she had passed her three month’s probationary period.

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