Jonas Finds a Job that Matches His Skills

Jonas worked as an Architectural Drafter in the Philippines, his home country. He immigrated to Canada and started looking for a similar job, but found it difficult due to his lack of Canadian experience and certifications.

Jonas, Solutions for Employment participantAdditionally, Jonas was facing physical challenges. He had contracted Polio (opens in a new window) when he was a child. This, along with partial paralysis in both his legs, had greatly compromised his physical stamina.

Jonas browsed online for an organization that could help him secure a job that matched his skills and came across the Neil Squire Society. He was referred to the Solutions for Employment program, which helps people with disabilities and injuries find and maintain employment.

The team performed career assessments, ergonomic and assistive technology assessments, and occupational therapy assessments to evaluate what would be a good fit for Jonas. He then went on informational interviews with architects to understand the industry and took some courses at BCIT (opens in a new window) to obtain industry certifications.

“[The Neil Squire Society] helped me with a lot of things like finding me a job, transportation allowance for looking for a job, and the most important: encouragement and support,” he says.

Jonas worked one-on-one with his job developer to create targeted resumes and cover letters. With the help of the program, he received orthotic footwear, crutches for moving around at work, as well as a scooter that he currently uses as his transportation.

Jonas’s hard work led to full-time employment as a CAD Drafter (opens in a new window). “Neil Squire Society is a big help for me, they are so kind and very accommodating,” he says.