Jorge Begins His Journey to Employment

Meet Jorge, a recent graduate of the Virtual Employ-Ability Program. Jorge was diagnosed with Schizophrenia (new window) in 1991. When he initially came to Neil Squire Society (new window), he was unsure about the ways in Virtual Employ-Ability Participant, Jorgewhich his illness affected his work. Finding the right position in order to retain employment has been a challenge for Jorge in the past. Jorge stated that the content and online delivery method of the Virtual Employ-Ability Program sounded like a perfect fit for him. It provided him with the opportunity to move through the program at a pace that was comfortable for him; challenged him to hone his time management and organizational skills and helped him to identify what the right position may be for him in the future.

Working with the Program Coordinator, Natalie Ducey, Jorge developed a Program Plan that was tailored to his needs. When asked if there was anything specific he liked about the program Jorge stated, “What I liked was not anything specific it was the whole thing.” He felt that the self-assessment process and using the SMART (new window) goal setting methods were meaningful and successful; helping him to identify his values, beliefs, interests and skills. In doing so he developed his Action Plan for Employment. Jorge’s employment goal is to secure part-time employment as a General Office Clerk in Cambridge, ON. In addition, Jorge identified that he has a strong interest and ability to work with tools and computers, fixing things, solving problems and working with others. He also demonstrated strong interpersonal skills throughout the program and has noticed an increase in self-confidence.

Jorge remains quite active with his job search using techniques and strategies he learned in the Virtual Employ-Ability Program. He continues to meet with Natalie once a week; receiving support with his job search.

Congratulations Jorge on your achievements thus far! We wish you much success as you continue to work towards your employment goal!