Lisa Inspires Program Staff and Participants

Employ-Ability participant, LisaLisa joined the Employ-Ability Program with the goal of identifying her skills and interests in order to make a sound decision about her career, which included transitioning from her part-time job. While she recognized the comfort of being familiar with her current employer, the workplace procedures and having an income, she was not happy with the instability in her hours, the dynamics within the team or the career limitations. Her current job was taxing her mental health.

Lisa has schizophrenia (new window). Through ongoing counselling and therapy, she recognizes the need for stability and self-awareness in order to manage her mental health and avoid a recurrent episode. Lisa benefits from healthy sleep and stress management to reduce anxiety and manage fatigue.

Lisa is passionate about the visual arts as well as customer service and wanted to use her expertise in the picture framing industry, but she was also expanded her job search to include the hotel industry.

As Lisa nears the end of her time at the Employ-Ability Program, she warrants recognition for the outstanding success she has had in implementing some of the most challenging job search strategies: networking and information interviewing. Many factors often get in the way of successfully networking and interviewing, such as anxiety, lack of clarity in job search goals, lack of planning and preparation, lack of confidence, or simply stated, shyness. Lisa experienced several of these factors; however she forged ahead, making over 15 connections with employers in the last month alone. She has applied to 4 positions, made follow up calls to foster connections she has made, and scheduled informational interviews with prospective employers. During a very recent mock interview, the confidence that Lisa exuded was unmistakeable. Lisa has been inspiring to program participants and staff alike.

Best of luck to you, Lisa!