Melanie Lands Two Jobs!

Melanie has a learning disability (new window). She finds it difficult to read because “the words are scrambled”. She had trouble hearing when she was younger, so she has tubes in her ears. Melanie worked as a Care Aide, looking after seniors for 14 years, but had been out of work for 8 months prior to joining the Employ-Ability program in Saskatchewan. “I was very depressed. I was tired of applying for jobs,” says Melanie, “When I joined this program I felt better about myself. Setting goals each week helped. It motivated me to find work.”

Melanie with Prairie Manager, NikkiDuring the program, Melanie learned how to create a resume and cover letter, and received support with her job search. “I was motivated in finding a job. I never gave up.” She enjoyed learning about budgeting and now uses a spreadsheet to track her purchases each month. Melanie also enjoyed learning about eating healthy and controlling stress.

I had so many interviews when I was in this program. I even got a job. I will be working at the theatre and for my work placement I will be working at Best Western Seven Oaks (new window),” says Melanie. She hopes to get hired on with Best Western (new window) after her work placement comes to an end, but in the meantime, her theatre job is “going really well”.

2012 was a tough year for Melanie. “Now things are finally starting to be good again. I even bought myself new clothes and had a makeover. Thank you to everyone for helping me change my life. I am happy waking up every morning.”

Way to go, Melaine!