Have You Ever Wondered What it Would be like to Volunteer at the Neil Squire Society?

Kristen volunteered with the Computer Comfort program in Regina, Saskatchewan from October to December of 2009. She recently took some time to write down her thoughts about her experience in the program.

I enjoyed working one-on-one with my program participant. I found that this setting gave me a greater level of responsibility than the other volunteer experiences I’ve had, which gave me a greater level of satisfaction with my efforts. It was rewarding to see the personal growth of my student and to know that I was a part of that learning process. The work atmosphere was very relaxed and conducive to learning, which made my position as a tutor easier. I found the program instructor (Kristin Sali) to be very supportive and helpful in the teaching process. The resources and lesson plans provided were very useful and effective in meeting participant goals. The Computer Comfort Program is very much client-centered, goal-oriented and outcome oriented. I believe this is vital to program delivery within the field of disability and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a tutor for the Computer Comfort Program.”

– Kristen

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