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#HackingForTheHolidays 2023: Making Play Accessible for Everyone

September 25, 2023

Last year, we raised $28,000 and delivered over 600 toys and 900 switches to children with disabilities across Canada. For 2023, we are shooting even higher. With a fundraising goal of $100,000, we are aiming to build 2,000 toys, switches, and video game joysticks, host over 100 events across all 10 provinces, and make sure that play is accessible to all kids with disabilities this holiday season.

a man in a wheelchair types on a keyboard

Microsoft Accessibility Page

June 9, 2023

We are going to see how Microsoft’s newly redesigned accessibility page stacks up against the competition. And with Windows products and Microsoft 365 being so widely used within the New Brunswick school system, this information will be useful to just about any parent, teacher, or student with accessibility needs.


First Look: ATP Joysticks

June 8, 2023

Neil Squire has received funding from the Government of Canada’s Accessible Technology Program to develop and release at least four cost-effective, customizable joystick-based alternative input devices through its Makers Making Change program.

The visual includes the text: National AccessAbility Week 2023. Disability Inclusion: From Possibilities to Practice. May 28 to June 3. Text is followed by the photo of a little boy hugging a little girl, both smiling. The visual ends with the Canada Wordmark.

National AccessAbility Week 2023

May 28, 2023

This year the theme for National AccessAbility Week is “Disability Inclusion: From Possibilities to Practice.” Our country’s strength lies in the diversity of its people — all its people. And we can all contribute to this vision.

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