Atlantic Regional Office

IWK Grace Children’s Hospital Presentation March 26, 2019

We will be presenting to IWK Grace Children’s Hospital’s Rehab Occupational Therapists about Neil Squire Society and our Makers Making Change initiative. This presentation is part of the student’s professional practice meeting to learn about our resources and how they can aid in the care they provide to their patients.

Scholarship Opportunity: Bell Aliant Pioneers of N.B. February 7, 2019

The Bell Aliant Pioneers of New Brunswick Chapter 51 Scholarship Foundation, Inc. awards annual, renewable scholarships to young New Brunswickers with physical or mental disabilities who wish to advance their education beyond high school.

Makers Making Change Logo

January 24, 2019 Disability Professionals Workshop

Makers Making Change is hosting a free workshop series designed to connect makers to people with disabilities who need assistive technology.

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