A teacher hands a student a sharpie.

Jo-Ann Performs Better at Work With New Hearing Aids

May 22, 2024

“I perform better [at work],” Jo-Ann explains. “These hearing aids have helped me tremendously in my career. I no longer have to ask students and colleagues to repeat their words or sit closer to the speaker in meetings. Students are able to speak to me in confidential tones, and I catch specific speech nuances in the playground before a mood shift occurs.”

Bell peppers at a grocery store.

New Orthotics Help Andrew Feel Much Less Pain at Work

May 17, 2024

Andrew works full-time at a grocery store in Victoria, where his tasks include pulling skids, loading milk trays, stocking fridges, as well as directing other employees. He has post-surgery right arm weakness, as well as right foot drop, making his job difficult at times.

A person holds a DSLR camera with a stabilizer.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services Helps Alfred Excel at His Job

May 10, 2024

The hearing aids have absolutely and without a doubt improved my situation at work. I rarely have to ask for statements to be repeated and have been able to follow conversations much better. It’s alleviated much of the frustration from communicating with my team and allowed me to be more efficient at work.”

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