Tamara’s Newfound Networking Skills Land Her a Great Job

September 14, 2023

Tamara has dyslexia, which makes it difficult to read and pronounce large words — she often mixes up d’s and b’s, and 6’s and 9’s. She was also diagnosed with anxiety. In uncomfortable situations, she feels her heart race and sometimes experiences panic attacks.

Clothes hanging on a rack.She learned about Neil Squire from her fiancé, a former participant, and decided to join our Creative Employment Options program with the hopes of finding an accommodating workplace where she could feel confident and safe.

Before long, Tamara began working with her Job Developer and prepared goals that she wanted to achieve while in the program. Tamara was able to enhance her resume and cover letter documents, and she was shown how to tailor each to specific job postings.

One thing she found particularly valuable was learning about the usefulness of networking and how it can be used to access jobs that aren’t posted online. She also learned how applicants can make a good first impression at interviews by following strategies such as arriving early and wearing appropriate clothing.

Due to the stressful nature of job searching, Tamara studied wellness strategies such as breathing exercises and the importance of hobbies. As well, Tamara was taught about disclosing disabilities to employers and the potential benefits of doing so.

Tamara’s search for a suitable workplace proved successful after noticing that a new clothing store would open in one of Regina’s malls. Tamara quickly provided the clothing store with a resume and cover letter, and was invited for an interview.

A mere two days after the interview, Tamara was offered a position as a sales associate. Tamara is incredibly excited to start her new job at a workplace she feels comfortable at, and she feels more confident than ever pursuing new opportunities that will arise in the future.

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