Technology@Work – Eligibility for Hearing Related Devices

Eligibility for Hearing Related Devices:

Technology@Work will work with you and your employer to find the best solution to remove a hearing related barrier for you in the workplace. Technology@Work will not provide funding for hearing instruments, also referred to as hearing aids, as these are considered a personal medical device. However, Technology@Work will consider assessing the need for hearing related devices other than hearing instruments. As outlined in the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC website:

“Only hearing ‘instruments’ are considered medical devices. An instrument is defined as a device that is prescribed for a hearing condition. A hearing condition is a health related matter that includes: loss of hearing, balance issues related to hearing (vestibular management), tinnitus, and other auditory processing disorders. Devices that enhance hearing, such as amplification products, […] or devices that diminish sound such as ear plugs are NOT hearing instruments and thus anyone can sell these products.”