Volunteer Position: Computer Technician

November 19, 2018

Volunteer Position: Computer Technician

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia


To work with donated computers to refurbish them for the homes of people with physical disabilities. In partnership with the program coordinator, the Computer Technicians troubleshoot computer systems that aren’t working, build computers from parts, and load them with an appropriate operating system and hardware. Computer Technicians work within the Computer Comfort community access program.


  • Repair computers that aren’t working
  • Build machines from parts
  • Load operating systems and software
  • Document the state of the computer
  • Meet regularly with program coordinator to report progress and receive feedback on work


  • Advanced computer knowledge
  • Experience with Windows 7 and 10
  • Computer Technical experience an advantage


  • Improved computer knowledge and teaching skills
  • Creating a valuable tool for the homes of people with physical disabilities
  • Experience with disability and adaptive technology
  • Telephone referral after one month, letter after three months

Time Frame

Two hours weekly (minimum) for a minimum of three months


Munesh Raman
Computer Comfort Program Coordinator
T 604.473.9363

Any activities performed outside this Volunteer Position Outline and/or performed outside scheduled times are not part of this program.