Access & Inclusion Awards 2012

May 29, 2012

We were honored to receive the City of Vancouver’s (new window) Access & Inclusion Award (new window) in the organization category for our Computer Comfort Program today.

The City is privileged to have organizations, such as Neil Squire Society, that provide excellent services to enhance accessibility, inclusion, universality, and the elimination of barriers that may impede full participation of persons with any type of disability in community life. The City also recognizes that improvements in accessibility and inclusion ultimately benefit all community members.” – Gregor Robertson, Mayor

Neil Squire Society staff accepting the Access and Inclusion Award for Computer Comfort

From left to right: Alexi Thomas, Joe Plaza, Mayor Gregor Robertson, Suzanne Cross, Pat Fenner, Yasmin Juma, Gary Birch, Paul Seliski, Munesh Raman, Chad Leaman, and Board Chair, Rob Attwell.