Assistive Technology Funding Available for Persons with Disabilities

February 7, 2011

The Neil Squire Society has been part of a coalition of disability organizations in British Columbia that has worked together in the development and delivery of a new funding program available to BC residents with disabilities called the Equipment and Assistive Technology Initiative (EATI).

EATI is a program that provides a source of funding for assessment, trialing, acquisition and/or training with equipment and assistive devices for people with disabilities who are over 18 years old and currently making the transition into the workforce. What this means is if you or someone you know is making a step towards employment (including volunteering with the goal of employment), you could be eligible to receive whatever equipment or devices you may need to help you reach your goal.

For the past two years, the EATI program has supported hundreds of British Columbians by providing them with equipment and technology directly related to their disability needs. This equipment helps recipients lead more independent lives and support employment goals.

Examples of equipment provided by the EATI program includes but is not limited to:

  • Power Wheelchairs to increase mobility
  • Vehicle modifications for independent transportation
  • Electric door openers to increase accessibility
  • Computer related assistive technologies
  • Electronic devices including laptops, iPads, and phones with accessibility features

This new funding is available for British Columbians living with disabilities so if you think you may qualify, I encourage you to inquire about EATI immediately.

If you have questions or if would like to apply, you can learn more about the program and fill out a short application form by visiting the website at (new window) or contact them directly at 1-877-333-7554 or